Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon & miniMarathon

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon & miniMarathon

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iHOPE is designed to take walkers and runners of all levels from the start to the finish line. Our expert Coaching Staff will provide:

  • A training schedule that can be designed to fit your needs
  • Weekly check-ins by email or phone
  • Clinics on topics like equipment and injury prevention
  • Weekly group training sessions to prepare you for race day and connect you with fellow iHOPE team members

Meet Your Coach - Nick Tranbarger


Nick Tranbarger


Nick Tranbarger is a Head Coach and the Director of TS2 Coaching. His interest in endurance sports started as he was studying Physical Education and Exercise Science at IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN. Knowing that no message is best spread by someone whose personal actions don't support it, he began cycling to benefit his own personal health. After college, Nick has spent the last decade working as a physical educator, student mentor, and school administrator in central Indiana. He has a true passion for investing in his students and coming alongside each of them and their families as they pursue a true education. He believes his job is to pour out the gifts that have been so generously given to him by his mentors to the next generation.

As Nick continued his own physical training, his interests began to drive him towards different endurance related competitions. He has competed in cycling events (a State Champion in the 40K time trial), running events (5K to the Marathon), and triathlon. Triathlon is where he found the most personal enjoyment. He has competed locally and nationally, and has achieved the honor of being a part of Team USA for the 2015 Age Group World Championship held in Chicago, IL.

As a coach, Nick is committed to building a real relationship with his athletes by investing in every aspect of their lives. True growth can happen when the spiritual, physical, and mental portions of life become one and work together towards a common goal. He asks a lot from the commitment of the athletes with whom he works, but is 100% devoted to giving an equal commitment back to them. Whether it be encouragement, motivation, reason, or something else, Nick will always do his best to speak to the individual needs of each athlete. Being a husband, father, friend, and employee enables Nick to understand the demands of real life. He will always work and plan with each individual to help make their dreams a reality.

Sample Training Programs

Wondering what your iHOPE training schedule will look like? The schedules below are a snapshot of two weeks in a training schedule. Most weeks you will run 3-4 times per week. Your coach will work with you to develop a training plan that works for you.

Half Marathon

Full Marathon

Top Fundraisers

  1 -  Sung Taek On ($850.00)
  2 -  Jamie Lee ($735.00)
  3 -  Ryan Hall ($646.41)
  4 -  Josh De Jong ($605.36)
  5 -  Christina Yi ($600.00)